Mental health for young people

Supporting young people to become mentally healthy

Training and wellbeing support for a brighter future

“Mental health influences how we think and feel about ourselves and others and how we interpret events…as well as our ability to cope with change, transition and life events”

Dr Lynne Friedli Definition of Mental Health (Briefing paper for the National Advisory Group, Edinburgh, 2004)

Its estimated that over 3.5 million young people aged 6-23yrs in England have a probable or possible mental health disorder*.

The world we now live in – with social media, and an increased online presence – has had a profound impact on young people as they already go through a period of significant change.

Referrals to children and young people’s mental health services were at the highest on record in March 2022*

As a teacher, youth support worker, or parent you’ll already know the importance of taking a pro-active approach to supporting mental health in young people.

And as a trusted adult you’ll often be the first person to notice changes in their behaviour or be the first person they reach out to.

So, equipping yourself with the knowledge and confidence to respond effectively is a key skill. But where do you start?

We’ll create a solution that’s right for you with a mix of:

So that you can take a pro-active approach to mental health and wellbeing to open up the conversation, open up the opportunities, and make an impact.