Mental Health Awareness training

Mental Health Awareness training

Is your organisation Mental Health Aware?

Sometimes just getting the conversation started about mental health in your workplace can trigger a positive “ripple effect” across the organisation’s culture.

When your employees become more aware of some of the most common mental health conditions and all stigma is removed about disclosure, you encourage a team culture of empathy and trust.

Our range of short courses can prepare your staff to have important conversations, through Mental Health Aware (half day) and training your Mental Health Champions (1 day).

Bite-sized training can be highly tailored to the issues or concerns of your workforce, such as support for employees who are carers of grandchildren or parents who are struggling with their teenagers (e.g. understanding adolescent mental health and anxiety, managing overwhelm and conflicts between you and your child, what young people are communicating through their behaviour).

Training is designed for your organisation, with examples relevant to your industry.  Its strongest impact is when combined with a bespoke Mental Health Strategy, which we can develop and help you embed across your organisation.

After Mental Health Aware training

The next step is accredited training for

Mental Health First Aid

(MHFA– 2 day)

Suicide First Aid

(SFA– 1 day)

SFA courses are capped at 12 people, to enable freedom of disclosure and discussion by creating the intimate feeling of a “safe place”. MHFA courses can be delivered for groups of up to 16 people in the classroom or via blended learning online.

 Half-day Awareness training is for groups of up to 25 in the classroom and up to 12 in a virtual classroom.

Smaller groups and individuals may join our new open learning courses, where you learn alongside trainees from other organisations, or in groups online.


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