MHFA for graduate trainees and apprentices

MHFA for graduate trainees and apprentices

Lay the foundations of good mental health at work, right from the start

Mental Health Awareness is vital learning for apprentices and graduate trainees; some may go on to become line managers, with a duty of care for other employees and some may struggle to adapt to their own role and experience mental health difficulties.

Anita Malster, Founder of Blossom Mental Health Training, has designed a bespoke course that supports the wellbeing of entry-level staff as they transition into the workplace.  It enables a positive partnership between trainees and their employers, teaching trainees how to identify, talk about and manage signs of stress, through use of a Wellbeing Action Plan (WAP).

The regular process of reviewing the WAP with their supervisor or line manager forms part of the organisation’s Wellbeing Strategy. This robust approach gives trainees the opportunities and tools to disclose any condition for which reasonable adjustments might need to be made, and to talk about any mental health concerns.

When an employer’s mindset is focused entirely on the minimal legal and insurance compliance, support for trainees will focus only on the few “tick box” measures.

Our approach goes way beyond this, showing you how to apply best practice in employee wellbeing and support, which also considers the operational risks of absenteeism and presenteeism (turning up for work when ill or unfit) or underperformance caused by hidden mental health crises.  Good employers will implement preventative strategies against suicide too

What will our graduates and apprentices learn?


Our bespoke Graduate and Apprentice Wellbeing programme teaches the resilience skills that help your trainees to adapt and respond effectively to change and to manage the mental health challenges of their busy new working lives.

In addition, Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) and Suicide First Aid (SFA) courses via Blossom Mental Health Training offer vital life skills that enrich the culture of your workplace.

We have specialist knowledge of young people’s mental health and personal and social development. Our founder, Anita Malster, spent seven years working in Learning & Development for the UK’s number one youth charity, developing their mental health strategy and delivering training in Mental Health First Aid.

Training is tailored to your industry and suitable for all employees aged 16+.  No prior learning or subject knowledge are required by trainees. We can come to your workplace, making it easy to manage in groups, or deliver most courses online.


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