Workplace Mental Health

Mental Health Strategy Development

Create a greater impact with a focus on everyone

With 1 in 6 working age adults experiencing symptoms associated with depression, anxiety and stress* – mental ill-health affects every business.

*Royal College of Psychiatrists: Mental Health and Work report (2016)

But it’s hard to know where to start to support mental well-being in the workplace with confidence.

That’s why we’ll create a solution that’s right for your business with a mix of:

Discovering what’s important to you, navigating your challenges, and guiding you through where to focus your energy. To create a culture of inclusion and openness where your people feel heard, valued and empowered.

Because building a mentally healthy workplace has big benefits:

  • Improved motivation
  • Increases in productivity and efficiency
  • Reduced presenteeism
  • Improved emotional resilience
  • Reduced sickness
  • Improved morale
  • Attracting and retaining good people
  • Inspiring a culture of trust

And it could save someone’s life >

Take a pro-active approach to mental health and wellbeing to open up the conversation, open up the opportunities and make an impact.