Creating mentally healthy places for people to work, learn and grow

With bespoke mental health training & strategies that make an impact - for workplaces and education settings

“Mental health is a state of mental wellbeing that enables us to cope with the stresses of life, realise our abilities, learn well and work well, and contribute to our communities. It is an integral component of health and wellbeing that underpins our individual and collective abilities to make decisions, build relationships and shape the world we live in.”   –   WHO 2014

Our Services

Workplace Mental Health Strategy Development

bespoke action plan for your business/industry, with policies, training and support

Mental Health Strategies for Education Settings

Supporting young people in education to become mentally healthy with strategies and training

Suicide Prevention Strategy and Training

for workplaces, organisations or education settings with policies and training embedded

Mental health, both good and poor, is a part of life.

In fact, 1 in 4 people will experience mental health issues in any given year. *

But the world has changed…

As an organisation, you may already be dealing with increased reports of stress, anxiety, and depression, people needing more time off work, and the challenges of hybrid working.

Or, as a parent, teacher, or youth worker, you’re increasingly aware of the pressure on young people from online platforms and social media alongside normal, yet challenging, emotional and physical changes.

But do you feel equipped with the knowledge you need to fully support employees, colleagues, students, or those for whom you care?

Despite being better connected and having more conversations about mental health than ever, there’s still so much we need to do!

And you can make a difference.

With a bespoke mental health strategy that opens up the conversation, breaks down the barriers, and helps you to take positive powerful actions.

To create mentally healthy environments in which people can work, learn and grow.

* Office of National Statistics 2021

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