Designing bespoke, whole-organisation approaches to mental health and wellbeing.

Blossom Mental Health Training Ltd consults and trains in the field of mental health and wellbeing. Our expertise is in helping organisations design strategies that support staff wellbeing and create a culture of inclusion and support around mental ill-health.

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Our consultancy and training services can transform your organisation and offer support and guidance to your entire workforce, from apprentices and graduate trainees to line managers and directors. 

We work with you to design a bespoke Mental Health Strategy that can include:

  • Training in Mental Health Awareness across the whole organisation that creates a shared language and a safe space to be open about life’s challenges


  • Mental Health First Aiders within your organisation to spot when their colleagues are in difficulty and have supportive conversations that signpost them to sources of internal and external support


  • A bespoke Suicide Prevention Strategy including training in how to spot the signs of suicidal thoughts and a strategy for supporting employees in the event of a suicide


  • Guidance on Resources and Sources of Support

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How would your workplace respond to an employee who disclosed their mental ill-health or who appeared to be in distress?

Someone’s mental health determines how they feel about their job, how they interact with colleagues, customers and clients, and on overall performance.

What’s the business case for Mental Health Awareness?

Training in Mental Health Awareness as part of a bespoke Mental Health Strategy typically leads to reductions in presenteeism, enhanced safety, employee morale and retention and it could save someone’s life.  

Good employers want their staff to learn how to spot early signs of mental distress and how to initiate supportive conversations before it escalates.  

Being proactive and investing in mental health skills and suicide awareness training now will give your business competitive advantages too.  Mental health is no longer seen as a training add-on; we predict it will be the next mandatory learning, alongside traditional First Aid and Health and Safety skills. Wellbeing is already enshrined in the new United Nations definition of business sustainability, recognised in 2015 as one of the Sustainable Development Goals

Who is this training for?

We offer learning and support for people at every level of your organisation. The development of a bespoke Mental Health Strategy ensures the correct level of training and support is given to people within key roles across the organisation, whilst raising the general awareness of all staff to mental health and wellbeing.

In 2017 the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) introduced 6 Management Standards that can help employers put processes in place for properly managing work-related stress. Line managers who train with us are shown the six key areas of work design that will minimise pressure, manage potential stressors and limit the negative impact that the work could have on your employees.

Our founder, Anita Malster, brings additional expertise from having served many traditionally male-dominated industries all around the UK (such as construction, engineering, tech, manufacturing, utilities and power networks, transport and logistics) and supporting apprentices and graduates as they enter the world of corporate leadership.

Anita has been delivering Mental Health First Aid Training for ten years, and in addition to running Blossom, She is a National Trainer for Mental Health First Aid England.

Blossom Mental Health Training Ltd is a CITB (Construction industry Training Board) fully approved training organisation (ATO).  Grants are available from CITB towards the cost of booking our construction focused MHFA training courses.

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Face-to-face or online training?

We firmly believe face-to-face training delivers a powerful learning experience, which factors in time for discussion, sharing of experiences and can support the disclosure of any mental health distress within a safe place.

However, logistics often warrant delivery of training online. Many of our courses have been designed and adapted for online delivery, where we create a secure and intimate space for people to access learning and share experiences.


We can deliver at your own site
or on a virtual platform.

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 If you don’t have enough employees to warrant an in-house course some training for individuals is also available via our open learning courses.

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