Mental health strategies for education settings

Mental health strategies for education settings

When we all work together…good things can happen

As 75% of mental illnesses develop by the age of 18*, an early understanding of mental wellbeing provides a strong grounding for the future.

*NHS data source: Young Minds 2022

Its estimated that over 3.5 million young people aged 6-23yrs in England have a probable or possible mental health disorder. The world we now live in – with social media, and an increased online presence – has had a profound impact on young people as they already go through a period of significant change.

Referrals to children and young people’s mental health services were at the highest on record in March 2022. As a teacher, youth support worker, or parent you’ll already know the importance of taking a pro-active approach to supporting mental health in young people.

And as a trusted adult you’ll often be the first person to notice changes in their behaviour or be the first person they reach out to. So, equipping yourself with the knowledge and confidence to respond effectively is a key skill.

Boosting personal and social development skills and helping to manage the potential crises and challenges ahead.

By creating a culture of inclusion and openness you can help young people to feel heard, valued and empowered.

Giving them the confidence and tools to feel supported for the future and to fulfil their potential.

And helping them and those around them to better understand why and how the adolescent brain affects mental health.

Supporting you to support them.

“The education sector experienced one of the steepest declines in staff mental health during the pandemic. Turnover rates were amongst the highest of any sector with 70% of educators citing mental health as the reason for leaving their job.”
Deloitte Mental Health Report, 2022

You can’t pour from an empty cup.

So that’s why we’ll help you to build a mental health strategy that supports teachers, youth workers and parents – as well as young people.

Shaping policies, sparking discussions and opening up the conversation.

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Case Study

Mental Health Training & Strategy for teachers, support staff and pupils

Framlingham College & South Lee Prep School are thriving independent boarding and prep schools in Suffolk.

Where we were…the challenge.

“During Covid, particular sections of our school were really struggling. We had a disproportionately high level of girls in Year 7 who were reaching out to us as teaching staff needing support for low mood, anxiety, self-harm, depression and overwhelm following the long periods of isolation during lockdown.

But we didn’t feel equipped with the knowledge or confidence to support them.” …