About Us

I’m Anita, founder of Blossom Mental Health Training

And this is my story…

I founded Blossom Training in 2015 – after working as a Mental Health First Aid instructor, supporting others with mental health education, and shaping mental health strategies for organisations including the Princes Trust.

Since then, I’ve trained over 6000 people in mental health awareness and skills and shared invaluable knowledge. Building incredibly strong and trusted relationships with my clients along the way.

I’ve got my own mental health story. My lived experience of anxiety, panic attacks and their impact on my career have shaped who I am and what I do. And the valuable insights I’ve gained mean that I deliver training that helps you to build strategies from a place of understanding, determination and passion.

I approach with my head and my heart. Creating safe, inclusive and (even) fun environments for what can be a difficult subject. An MSc in the Psychology and Neuroscience of Mental Health means I lean on the science – but I connect with the human. Blending expert research, with real-life situations to help you make an impact.

My Mission

“To help break the stigma surrounding mental ill-health with accessible, enlightening and inclusive strategies and training packages. To inspire lightbulb moments of understanding across workplaces, organisations and education settings, and to create a space where everybody can grow and blossom.”

Why Blossom?

When a plant is struggling to grow, you don’t blame the plant – you change the environment to help it thrive. And I believe people are no different.


My own lived experiences of mental ill health and recovery mean that I know how important it is to create a safe and compassionate environment that’s accessible to all.


Everyone learns differently, so we explore both the theory and the practice, with a mix of engaging activities, open discussion and real-life context.


Training is brought to life and made memorable with stories, analogies and experiences. To guide you to a place of understanding, empathy and empowerment.