Workplace mental health training

Workplace mental health training

Going beyond the tick box

The benefits of Mental Health First Aid courses are well documented.

Mental Health Awareness, Mental Health First Aid and Mental Health Champion courses are internationally recognised to teach and support individuals within your business to spot the early signs of mental ill-health and provide “first aid” style help.

But for organisations that choose excellence over tick-box compliance, you may have come across some bumps in the road. Resistance, misunderstanding and lack of communication can hinder the impact of Mental Health “First Aiders” – which is the opposite of what you hoped for.

That’s why we take account of your business, your people and your values to make mental health training a part of your bigger picture.

By training not only MH First Aiders, but also line managers, directors, and others within the business, on how to have supportive conversations and create an awareness that drives a culture of openness, empathy and trust.

With the focus on why and how we’ll help you to define, implement and communicate a mental health training strategy that’s right for you.


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