Mental Health Strategy Development

Mental Health Strategy Development

Why develop a mental health strategy?

Around 15% of people at work have symptoms of an existing mental health condition.

There is a large annual cost to employers of between £33 billion and £42 billion.

Impact on employee turnover:

Many employees leave if they feel unable to continue due to poor mental health or the impact of work on mental wellbeing. There will be costs to the employer of finding a new employee and making them fully effective.

Employers want to do the right thing but line managers lack the training, skills or confidence required to effectively support others at a very basic level. Only 24% of managers have received some form of training on mental health at work

The stigma of disclosing a mental health condition is still a significant barrier to employees seeking support. Only 11% of employees discussed a recent mental health problem with their line manager, and half of employees say they would not discuss mental health with their line manager

How can we help?

Every organisation has an opportunity to support and develop a mentally healthy workforce and thankfully it doesn’t need to be complicated. Your journey to a workplace that leads on good mental health starts here with Blossom Mental Health Training. We will help you take positive actions to build a culture that champions good mental health and provides support for those that need it.

We will work with you to produce, implement and communicate a mental health strategy that includes (but is not restricted to):

  • Developing mental health awareness among employees
  • Training and promoting Mental Health First Aiders
  • Encouraging open conversations about mental health and the support available when employees are struggling
  • Training managers to be confident in how to handle sensitive conversations around mental health.
  • Implementing Wellbeing Action Plans as part of regular 1:1s
  • Supporting graduates/ apprentices as they adjust to the world of work
  • Ensuring the senior leadership team understands and acts on all its legal requirements around workplace mental health and risk management
  • Encouraging healthy physical and mental health habits
  • Routinely monitoring employee mental health and wellbeing

Suicide Prevention Strategy

At Blossom we encourage our clients to include a suicide prevention strategy as part of their overall mental health strategy.

Most organisations have no plans in place in the event of a suicide.  Proactively considering your response can minimise distress to the person’s family and your remaining employees.

We also encourage training in suicide prevention and intervention with our Suicide First Aid courses. Learning how to recognise when someone is having thoughts of suicide, and having the confidence to have a supportive conversation can ultimately save a life.


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