MHFA in male dominated industries

MHFA in male dominated industries

Would you know how to manage the organisational and emotional fallout of a suicide among your workforce?  Do you have a Strategy to deal that?

Be proactive and get one in place now.

Industries that are traditionally male-dominated experience the highest levels of suicide. It’s a sad fact that each year we lose more men in the construction industry to suicide than industrial accidents. Anita Malster, Founder of Blossom Mental Health Training, wrote about this in a construction trade news article called Dying to be a real man.

Blossom Mental Health Training specialises in training courses for employees in male-dominated industries, and in organisations that hire young people under 25 (often these are apprentices or graduate trainees) where the rates of suicide are also high.

What helps men to be open about mental health concerns?

Remove the stigma around disclosure of mental ill-health at work.   Lay the foundations of a healthier workplace culture, one of trust and empathy, by training all your employees in Mental Health Awareness (half-day).  Implement a bespoke Suicide Prevention Strategy

When everyone knows what to say and how to ask for help, without any fear of discrimination or judgement, they won’t worry that their livelihood or career progression is in jeopardy.

What happens on Blossom Mental Health Training courses?

All our courses are interactive and well-structured. They empower employees with the knowledge to spot the early signs of mental distress, giving practical tools to enable supportive conversations.

The half day Mental Health Aware and 1-day Mental Health First Aid Champion courses are a good foundation and can be tailored for your industry.

No prior learning or subject knowledge are required by trainees. We can come to your workplace, making it easy to manage for groups, or deliver courses online. Courses are suitable for employees aged 16+.

We predict our 2-day Mental Health First Aid (MHFA)and 1-day Suicide First Aid (SFA) training will soon become the next mandatory learning, alongside traditional First Aid and Health and Safety skills.  Gain a competitive advantage by signing up for those courses now.  They teach the skills to risk assess and to intervene before a crisis escalates.

Investing in this training encourages empathy and resilience, which reduces workplace presenteeism (turning up even when ill and unsafe to work) and has the power to raise the morale and performance of your entire team.

CITB-affiliated construction organisations can even apply for a grant to part-fund our MHFA courses.   


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